Why your dress should be dirty at the end of the wedding day!


It’s your wedding day and it’s supposed to be your day your way! But I also want to give you a little reminder…. we all like to be very particular sometimes (I know I’m the first to notice if something was moved or there is a new mark on the wall!)! I know I’m a bit too observant sometimes, it’s part of my job, right?! I want to urge you to not to be too particular about is your wedding dress even after you spend so much time and effort to find the perfect one!!!

This dress is meant to be worn, to explore the world, to be hugged, to climb a mountain, to see the sunset, to go frolicking in the woods and fields. This dress only gets to live ONE day with you out in the world! On the day you say your vows, so let’s make this ONE day this dress gets to live outside it’s wardrobe a day it’ll remember with a few dirt stains to prove it!


Truth be told if you do walk through the mud because it’s raining or have a ceremony in a full on downpour… it’s gonna be a great story! It also won’t really matter because the dirt is usually on the underside of the dress so you don’t even see it! The only person that will know is you.


Let’s face it, you’re only going to wear this sucker once!

You might put it on on your anniversaries but you’re never really going to wear it again, in front of anyone, anywho! So I want to really urge you to let it go, let me say it again... let it go! If it gets dirty, it gets dirty, are you really gonna wear it again? I mean really think about that... are you going to wear your wedding dress again? I mean if the unthinkable happens(I can’t even say it!) because of circumstances out of your control... believe me you’re never gonna wear THAT dress again!


Some ideas that you could do with your wedding dress after you wear it is...

  • Get it professionally cleaned!

  • Take a piece of it and make a sexy nightgown, ooo la la!

  • Make your christening gowns for your children.

  • You could donate it to someone in need.

  • Keep it for your daughters to reinvent it!

  • I once saw this artist die it with their flowers and turn it into a shaw and a nighty.


You’re never going to wear your wedding dress again nor is anyone going to see the dirt on it but you and your husband. EEEK, yep, you will be married! So even though I know you probably spend an arm and a leg on this thing remember on your wedding day to let it go! It’s your day to have fun in and to enjoy the day! So if someone spills beer on it or champagne or you walk through some dirt… just have fun with it! Play in your dress! Be in your dress! Enjoy your dress, you’re only going to wear it once!