6 Tips for the Best Colorado Elopement Ever


Do you want to have the very best Colorado elopement, like ever, because I know I want you to!! So I guess this isn't an  actual tip but number one plan plan plan plan plan! When we plan well, we can really do whatever we want to! I mean it's your day, it's your elopement, it's your adventure! Let's have a blast but let's make sure we plan out the day! Cause no one wants to look forward to some grand adventure and be left sitting in a parking lot wondering what to do. So here are some tips to make it the best elopement ever!

When we plan well, we can really do whatever we want to!
  1. Weekdays are the freaking bomb diggity

    Weekdays are calm they are uncrowded and they are gorgeous because everyone else is working and we potentially have the mountain to ourselves! Also check out this journal post to help pick a date!

  2. Find the very best location that suits all your needs!

    So I'm going to give you guys a little secret…. if you hire me as your photographer I have a Personal Google Map doc that has a bunch of different locations for all different kinds of Adventures that we could go on together! But it's an AMW insider thing, so you have to hire me in order to access it!

  3. Take time to do the paperwork!

    Believe me, you wanted to be official!  So when you get married you want to make sure that you're actually getting married because that's the whole dang point right?! Let's make sure that your paperwork is in order. You can self solemnize in Colorado (you don't need an officiant) but you do have to pick up the paperwork and sign it. if you want more information on this I have a whole post devoted just on making your vows legit, here!

  4. Get your hair and makeup done, you'll thank me later!

    We all want to feel and look beautiful on our wedding day even if we are going to be hiking in 6 miles. I urge you to get a little pampered that day have a little fun with it, enjoy the pampering and relax! I want you to feel like yourself and show him all your beauty on the outside that he already knows is there on the inside. He can see it every day but I want to make sure that you see it on your wedding day too!

  5. Make it the best adventure ever!  

    Let's go exploring let's see what the state has to offer! In order to make it the best adventure while having fun doing it we need to make sure that everyone's in their zone! So no hanging off cliffs with ropes if you've never been on rope before but if you feel more at home on the side of the wall let's do it! I'm up for it! We gotta make it an adventure we can all have fun doing together!

  6. Drink a ton of water!  

    We’re in Colorado so that means we're a little bit higher than we are in most places so none of us going to be having fun if you get altitude sickness. So let's make sure everyone drinks a bunch of water before, during, and after your elopement so no one feels sick.  For more tips on altitude sickness and why water is imperative this journal post is where it's at!

All right lovebirds let's get hitched at a to kick ass locations on a weekday with beauty experts on hand and signed documents for an adventure of a lifetime that we’re fully hydrated for! YEAH!