The Best Days for your Colorado Elopement (Miss the Tourists and Have the Place to Yourself!)


So you've been dreaming of your Colorado Mountain Top elopement forever!

What you didn't dream of was your Mountain Top elopement with the whole bunch of tourists staring at you while your getting married. The whole point of you getting married in the mountains was to have an intimate ceremony without any other distractions! I know you didn’t envision saying your vows while a two-year-old is screaming on the top of their lungs because they want another m&m. It’s not exactly what y’all had in mind for a romantic getaway to get hitched.


I know you want to really be able to focus on the person you love without having to scurry through the crowds. Here are six things to remember to keep in mind when your looking for

The Best Day for your Colorado Elopement so you Miss the Tourists and Have the Place ALL to Yourself!

1 - Have it During the Week

I bet you’re going to make vacation out of your elopement, aren’t you! So why, when you can pick ANY date to get hitched would you pick a weekend? If it’s just you two or a small group, pick a fun weekday to say I DO and I guarantee there will be less people out and about.

2 - Have it at Sunrise

Have it at an odd time during the week, say sunrise on a Tuesday morning will more than likely not be very many people at the location you chose even if it’s a popular spot.

3 - Don't Pick A Touristy Location

If you're worried about other people there are plenty of remote wonderful crazy beautiful places in Colorado that aren't tourist destinations.

4 - Make Sure There's No Mountain Events

First, use handy Google to see what events are occurring during your elopement. Sometimes Google might not know every event that's occurring in town especially, if it's not a point of interest for the events. Let’s take the example of a cycling event. They could have aid stations set up at your dream elopement spot, such as Saphire Point and, you wouldn’t know it from looking at Google because the cycling event is from Evergreen to Beaver Creek. But the town will know in detail what events are affecting the whole area. So I suggest checking in with the towns around the location, because they will be aware of every single event that's happening during that time.

5 - Don't Do It On A Holiday

Check the Calendar! Make sure it’s not on the Memorial Day or President's Day because usually, those are the days' people have off so more people are likely to be recreating the beautiful Outdoors!

6 - Think Outside The Box

You don’t have to elope to a pinnacle location you saw on the internet to make it an intimate adventure. What about a hot air balloon ride! You’ll only be with two other people, the hot air balloon driver and your photographer! It's a great way to be intimate and have a small elopement but it could be during a high season crazy tourist time because only 4 of us can go in one balloon. Another idea is to rent out a mountain house you ski or snowshoe to! Talk about getting the mountain to yourselves in the winter time! That would be the perfect snowy intimate mountain adventure, with a sauna!

Photographed while working for  Tripp Fay.

Photographed while working for Tripp Fay.

So to guarantee that your Colorado elopement will be an intimate affair with the love of your life and not a whole bunch of gawking tourists! You have to go during the week and don't pick a touristy location and make sure you research events in the area for that date and check the calendar for Nationwide holidays! TaDa, there are so many more dates out there that aren’t Saturday or Sunday!