What to wear to an engagment session?


First we plan an engagment session activity!

For your Engagement Session, we’ll go on an adventure! To start planning our time together, pick an activity that is special to you. It could be anything from walking around town to rock climbing - we can plan our time around whatever the two of you love doing together. If you really enjoy playing scrabble and drinking tea, let’s put on pajamas and lounge around the house! If you like to try new things together, let’s go dogsledding! If you like to do outdoor activities, let’s get out go for a hike or a climb. Or if it’s winter we can go snowshoeing or hang out on the slopes! The point is to show off your personalities and what brings you together as a couple. Most likely, the activity you choose will determine our location and time.


Okay so, what should I wear?

For your Engagement Session, we’ll incorporate one outfit change. I find it’s always best to start with our “portrait session” outfit, and then get more casual. Keep in mind the weather, location, and activities when choosing outfits - and remember, I’m always here for help!


Remember, this shoot is about capturing your personalities - so if you’re not a high heels and ruffles kind of gal, this is not the time to wear a super frilly, fancy outfit. Do remember though that these photos are incredibly special, so making sure that you’ve put some thought into what you’re wearing is important.


Here are some basic guidelines to help you plan outfits for the two of you:

  • One outfit for the activity

    • A little nicer than you might normally wear for that activity

    • If it’s an outdoor activity, be sure to consider the weather

  • One outfit that’s a bit more formal

    • Even if we are out in nature, pretend it’s a date night

    • I recommend girls in dresses, boys in pants and a collared shirt

    • Don’t be afraid of a suit and high heels!

  • Outfits should coordinate, but not be matchy-matchy.

  • Accessories are a great way to change up an outfit - throw in some scarves, necklaces, hats, and layers.

  • We’ll be showing off that ring, so it’s a good idea to have your nails done and have your ring cleaned

  • It can make you feel more confident if you have your hair and makeup done.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO: big logos, stains, holes, neon, characters, spray tans

  • ABSOLUTELY DO BRING: Water, walking shoes to get between shots, special mementos


Still looking for visuals? Check out my Pinterest board of combinations here!