9 things about Ashleigh


Hello, I’m Ashleigh! Here are 9 things about me! If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet me yet... Here are a few things about me to so you can get to know me a little better. I’m just a down to earth mountain gal who loves to take photographs of stories and…

I’m a Beer Lover!

I love a delicious double hopped beer currently with a little bit of citrus notes. I’m the one who chooses a good beer over wine any day of the week. I’m very happy to be in a place where there is plenty of yummy beer to try!

I’m a Snowboarder

I’m a snowboarder that craves powder days because it’s the closest thing to surfing in the ocean. You’re floating on the snow and it feels like flying. I LOVE IT! I crave those perfect days in the mountain after a big storm.

I’m kinda a Floridian

My home base is Pensacola, Florida. It’s where my parents were raised but where I go HOME to because my parents moved around a bunch. It’s where both sets of grandparents are and where most of my family gathers to hang out together at the beach. I actually grew up in North Carolina and love it there but don’t get to go there as often as I’d like to.

I found love in Moab

I first met Matt in Moab on a cycling meetup training trip. I was super sick but still went on the trip. When I met Matt, I didn’t have much of a voice but somehow he asked for my number before the weekend ended. I’m forever grateful my friend Amy talked me into going even on a ton of DayQuil.

I’m a dog person!

Mr. Jax is the best fur-ball on the planet! Golden retrievers are spoiled rotten in my family. So many family members have goldens and it’s so much fun. We all love them so much and think that ours is the best behaved. But as you know, I think Jax is the best one! HAHAHA!

I have a Large Family

I was born with 7 grandparents/great grandparents. Family history is really important to me. I really love learning about the history of my family and always keep learning new facts. It’s so interesting and still can’t believe I don’t know everything yet.

List Maker

I love lists, and usually, have too many of them hanging around. I feel like they make me a little more organized. I also just feel better when I know I don’t have to remember it and it’s written down somewhere!

I could swim before I could walk.

I grew up going to the beach and pretty much could swim before I could walk. I always wanted to be a mermaid because of my love for the water.

Backpacking is my favorite form of camping!

You get to really get out there and get disconnected. The best part may be that you can’t use your phone. You get to really hang out and get to enjoy the people you are with and have fun. It’s like summer camp, I think, I never went as a kid, but I image it’s like camping with your friends!