Oh, Honeybook!


Meet My Assistant!

Mr. Jax! Okay, I wish he could do work! It’s all Honeybook!

Photo by Caitlin Hamilton Photography

Brides & Grooms Meet my Assistant!

So I have the greatest office assistant, his name is Jax. He does all the phone calls, schedules all the meeting and brings me coffee. He’s the greatest thing I could ever have asked for in an assistant.

HAHA! Okay, who am I kidding!

If you know me, Jax is my four-legged cute golden retriever that loves to bug me to get outside and take him on walks, go hiking in the middle of the workday and play fetch in the back yard. He just really assists me on procrastinating and getting away from the computer. I wish he would work for my business, that would be great! We always joke around that he needs to take online college classes so he can do stuff for me!

Okay, so my real office assistant is Honeybook.

It helps me out so much it might as well be called my office  , Honey! It is the place you will view your brochure, files, and ALL the email communications. It’s also the place Y'all will sign the contract and it’s your online payment portal.

This is the place that will keep us on the same page.

All of us - the bride & groom & me! We are now a team! We will all receive the same communication so we are all organized and know everything that’s happening. I might be the third wheel like a tricycle but are cool and go on amazing adventures!

No need to worry!

Cause you will just receive regular emails to your inbox then can “Reply” to them and they go straight into Honeybook from the buttons. That way we can all be up on the same page. It’s awesome that everything is in one place where you can always review your brochure, contract, payments & questionnaires.



If you’re a Photographer or any creative biz…

I’ve got news for you!

This business management machine is the bomb diggity! Haha! No, for real, it’s really given me more freedom and fewer freakouts in the middle of the night.

Everything is online!

Back int he day I was printing contracts and requesting checks. I would meet my clients in person to hand them the contract or head to the mailbox lines to mail it. Then I would have to wait and wait for them to mail it back with the check. Once I finally could seal the date I had to go to the bank and stand in their lines that took forever! This was before you could upload checks on your phone. So needless to say…. It was freaking a long ass time from meeting to booking. Now it’s almost instant!

No more hunting for emails!

Now, it’s ALL online and all in one place. Can’t remember if you emailed the groom back or did the bride also ask you different questions… Now it’s all in one place so everyone gets all the info altogether. Let’s sing Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya!

No accidental… I’m gonna say it… The evil… Double booking… BIG Oops!

It even let’s me know if someone is interested in the same date or if you already have someone booked up. So there is no way I could ever double book through Honeybook!

Know how you're spending your time!

We all get lost in the internet tunnel of bord panda. This way we can log our time out and know how much time we have spent per project. And if you’re a Graphic Designer, it’s a great way to log the time then invoice straight from the log once a project is completed.

Track where you are in a project!

With the Pipeline you know if you have a new inquiry, set up a meeting, sent over a proposal or have a contract signed with just one glance. It’s awesome to know exactly where everything is all at once. It keeps you super organized.

Connect with your industry folks!

This is the best! So Honeybook is the Queen of Community over Competition. Honeybook created Rising Tide Society that helps creative entrepreneurs learn, collaborate and grow. They host get-to-gathers once a month, called Tuesdays Together! I love going to hug my fellow creatives and gather a bunch of information on business resources. You can also connect friends in the online community and use friends for your referral community when your client needs something. It’s an amazing way to support each other.

Win, Win!

So if your a creative business and are looking for a business management system, Honeybook has worked so well for me! I despise paperwork so to avoid piles in my office makes me so happy and I want you to be happy and organized too! Here’s a link to a 50% Off Coupon Code! Thank you! And You’re Welcome!