Snowshoeing Bride in the Colorado Mountains

Who loves to snowshoe in the Colorado wilderness? I know I do! I’m sure some brides out there do too!

This winter inspirational mountain snowshoeing session was a dream come true. We woke up at dawn, had some yummy coffee and bagels then headed out for a little snow hike to one of my favorite Colorado locations. It was just a perfect morning activity before our ski day! This beauty is my adorable cousin, Haley! This was her first time in the snow as a sea level born Alabama girl. She was up for the early morning adventure of sporting a wedding dress with snowshoes in this winter wonderland. Mainly because it was so beautiful up there and she has an, “l’m up for anything!” attitude that I love!

Are you an adventurous sprit too? Who love the snow and wants to embrace winter on your wedding day? LET’S GET YOU MARRIED IN THE WINTER WONDERLAND! I’m up for it if you are! Here’s some inspiration to get you excited!