Why knowing your LOVE Language is so important!

Why knowing your LOVE Language is so important!  Ashleigh Miller Photography Couple in Summit County, on Lake Dillion dock enjoying the sunrise.

I know that you love your significant other because he put a ring on it, and you said yes! This romantic jester of a proposal puts your relationship back into the honeymoon stage no matter how many years in you are in your relationship and that is a beautiful beautiful thing! When you're newly engaged it makes everything new and exciting again! It adds a few logs to the fire and I want you to feel this spark for years to come! I feel like a great way to always feel loved and make sure they know that they are loved is to know your love language.

I care about my clients and their love story! I want all my couples to be married FOREVER! I get the privilege of documenting and feeling what love they have for each other, and I want that to last a lifetime. I want not only your wedding day to be special but I want your marriage to be special and I want your relationship to feel like one big ball of love all the time! I like to dream REAL big! I know there will be hard days but I can wish for your fire to only have a flicker not a smolder!

By knowing how to share your love so the other person feels it AND for you to share how you feel love can make all the difference in the relationship.

Gary Chapman Is The Mastermind behind The Five Love Languages and the more you know about your own language, the better your relationship can thrive. Communication can strengthen your relationship.  So here’s a short synopsis of the five love languages just so you can learn a little bit more about them.

Quality Time : When you spend time together without distractions. Like going on a hike!

Acts of Service: Doing something that helps your spouse out. Like doing laundry!

Physical Touch: This includes hugging, kissing and x-rated stuff! Like snuggling on the couch or Netflix and chill.

Words of Affirmation: Using your words to give compliments or expressing love. Like thanking them for being so wonderful.

Gifts: When you give a physical gift to your spouse. Like when you bring home a six pack of beer.

Now, don’t get me wrong, ALL of these love languages are nice. There might be some that make you feel really special and those are the ones to make your top two, and those are the ones you should make sure you communicate. If you need help picking them out, Chapman has a great quiz to help you figure it out.

I really care about each and every couple and their story!