Boulder Engagement Photography Session | Meredith & David's Engagement Session


Summer Boulder Engagement Photography Session

As I arrived late afternoon to the lake in Boulder, I was super thrilled. I love this spot! It has so so so many photography options and it means so much to Meredith & David. For one, they come to this gorgeous spot to let Oscar, their fur baby, swim. He could probably swim across the whole lake if they let him! Second, David has been coming to this spot since he was a little boy and he helped build one of the bridges. So yes, of course we took photos with that bridge! It was so wonderful to spend time with Meredith & David. I love to get my couples reminiscing about their proposal. I don’t think I can hear the story too many times and every time I learn something new about them as a couple. David proposed to Meredith on the top of Bear Peak after a 4 mile hike up about 3,000 vertical (closest thing to a 14er from town). I just adore that David got down on one knee to proposed. I think that it’s so romantic to propose that way. I hope that tradition never changes! Please enjoy these photographs of Meredith, David and Oscar!

Get to know Meredith & David:

How did you two meet?:
We met the first week of our freshman year in college and started dating sophomore year!

What’s the bride’s favorite thing about the groom?:
How caring and adventurous he is!

What’s the groom’s favorite thing about the bride?:
Her enthusiasm and free spirit.

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?:
Play cribbage

What’s the Bride’s top two love languages?:
Quality Time
Acts of Service

What’s the Groom’s top two love languages?
Quality Time
Physical Touch

Bride’s Drink of Choice:

Groom’s Drink of Choice:

What’s the bride’s favorite color?:

What’s the groom’s favorite color?:

If y’all could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?:
Norway- hiking is their national past time and they have an amazing network of trails!

If y’all both got to pick a superpower, what would y’all pick and why?:
Meredith- teleportation so I could visit my family! David- invisibility.