Utah Adventure Trip


I love going on adventures and I especially love going on adventures with Matt! It’s a time to REALLY get to know each other and our favorite part is just being outside together, from dusk till dawn. Well actually 24/7 cause we are camping under the stars! Whenever we pick an adventure day… we always think it’s only going to be a few hours BUT… it’s always over 4 hours!!! Our latest adventure was to the top of Elephant Butte in Arches National Park. It included a short hike, not too technical climbing, a little bit of squishing, lots of way finding, and two repels. It was so fabulous to discover all the little coves and the view from the top was spectacular with Matt!

Things I found out about Matt:

  • He is VERY concerned about my safety and wants to make sure I’m safe the whole entire time! That includes anything above 6 foot! It’s the cutest thing!
  • Watching me repel is hard for him.
  • He doesn’t like to makeshift anything he wants to think it all through before we act and I often wonder too close to the ledge.
  • He tries to hide when he is hangry, ummm I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work. I’ve got to keep some MORE snacks around!
  • He always triple checks the ropes, harness and anchors. (My safety man!)

Things in life rarely go as planned I feel like when you go on an mini adventure everything gets magnified. You get to see how people are when they are extremely happy (made it to the top or repelling), lost (well not his definition of Lost, just not exactly sure where to go!), life is in their hands (well on their ropes!), thirsty (didn’t bring enough water because I brought too much camera gear) and a little bit nervous (it could be a really far way straight down). 

I’ve asked Matt a few things he learned about me (these are great!):

  • I know how to cook over an open flame fire.
  • That I like to take photographs of everything. (Matt says he has never been so documented in his life, LOL!)
  • I am well prepared to camp. (I bring too much stuff!)
  • Determined!

I hope we never stop exploring new places and learning about each other. Here are a few photographs from our trip, enjoy!