When do you hire a wedding photographer?


One morning you’ll wake up, look down at that finger and realize it happened – you’re ENGAGED! While it’s all incredibly exciting, the thought of planning a wedding can be just a wee bit overwhelming. All the well-meaning advice from friends and family and the lists from bridal magazines can start to give you heart palpitations – and not the good kind you felt when you saw your guys down on one knee. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

First things first – lock in a wedding date and venue. These two things can be a bit of a balancing act. You find the perfect venue, but realize it’s booked for two years straight. You manage to pin down a date when all the important people can make it, but then the perfect venue isn’t available. Sometimes you may have to make some compromises (hint: Sunday weddings are typically less expensive and make travel arrangements easier!), but once you have your venue booked for that special date, it’s time to hire me!

As your wedding photographer, I’ll share my favorite tips, vendors, and “wedding insider” suggestions to make your wedding day as picture perfect as possible! So what are you waiting for? Go book that venue and then give me a call!