Four Tips to be a Stress-Free Bride


After spending months agonizing over little details, checking things off the to-do list, and coordinating all your friends and family, when your big day finally arrives, it’s important to be able to relax, enjoy, and soak in this special time. At Ashleigh Miller Weddings, my goal is to help make that possible!

First and foremost, remember what this day is really and truly all about: you tying the knot with your best friend. This isn’t just the ultimate party; it’s the start of a beautiful marriage and a lifetime of love. Your friends and family have gathered to celebrate the two of you and witness your vows to stand by each other’s side from this day on. So enjoy it! Every last moment.

This isn’t just the ultimate party; it’s the start of a beautiful marriage and a lifetime of love.

You might be thinking “easier said than done!”, but here are a few simple tips to be a glowing, stress-free bride!

  • Trust the Plan! Remember those planning meetings we had? And the timeline we created? When your wedding day arrives, having spent some time planning things out will make things run smoothly. This doesn’t mean everything will go exactly the way you planned, but I promise not one of your guests will notice if Table 5 and Table 6 are out of order.

  • Communicate the Plan! Not only is it critical for all of your vendors to know what your plans and timeline are, but it’s important for your family and wedding party to know what their schedule is for all your wedding events and precise locations. A little extra work in creating schedules for key people will go a long way to sticking to the timeline on the big day. If you want Aunt Betty to be in the family portraits, make sure she knows when and where she should show up!

  • Put Someone Else in Charge! On the day of your wedding you should absolutely not be the one setting tables or figuring out where the cellist is. Whether it’s your maid of honor or your Type-A cousin, pick a trusted person to be your voice. Your family and wedding party should know to contact them, and they should have everyone’s contact info.

  • Eat! It may sound silly, but there’s nothing worse than being hangry on your wedding day. Be sure there is a plan for you to eat breakfast and lunch. Assign someone, either from your venue or the squad, to set aside a bride and groom platter to make sure you get to enjoy all the amazing food you selected. Sometimes with all the talking it’s hard to find each platter walking around.

If you stick to those four pieces of advice, everything else will fall into place. If someone gets lost, they’ll know who to call (hint: it’s not you!). If the weather changes and we need to move inside, everyone will get notified. At the end of the day, you’ll be married to the love of your life and really that’s all that matters!