Best Colorado Wedding and Elopement Venues


Colorado is a wonderful place to live, you’ve got the mountains and the city! Both with so many things to do! When picking out your wedding or elopement venue you are going to narrow it down first by knowing what feels you want! I like to think of it as Resort, Intimate, Adventure and Urban Feels! There is something for everyone and so much to choose from. I love exploring venues and locations!

One of the great things about photographing weddings is you get to see a bunch of different Colorado wedding venues! The number one thing I always remember at every wedding and elopement is it’s going to be unique because the couple is unique! I’m going to capture it the best way possible in order to capture the couple as they are!

I have to say I do get somewhat excited when I get to photograph at a new venue because I get to stretch my creative muscles a little bit and I get to explore, discover and be challenged by different aspects of a new location. Now... I know a lot of people get nervous when people haven't photographed at a certain location, but I'll tell you what, I have photographed the same locations multiple times and each time I have found different spots to photograph the couple in depending on weather, light, time and willingness to explore. So I really love photographing at different places because at new venues I can get my brain racing and really get my creative juices going, kinda like a running race. Oh and sometimes I actually do run around… walking is wayyyy to slow on a wedding day! Maybe I’m just too excited to walk slowly!


Scouting out a venue is so vital to photographers and vendors. The main difference between shooting at a new location and in a location that you shot at before is you know the lay of the land. You know exactly how long it's going to take you to get from A to B to C. That is why scouting is so important for photographing at a new location. So if I've shot of that location before, I know I don't need to go to scout it out because I’ve already been there a thousand times and I know exactly what the lights going to do. If I've never shot at that venue I scout it out before the wedding so it’s like I’ve already shot there. It’s always good to be prepared!

There are also phone apps that can help predict the lighting situations for you. When I arrive at any location I put together a very small list of locations that I love together in my head so we can have lots of options throughout the day.

Venues all have different feels to them. I know you will already know the feeling you want to have for your wedding before anything else! I put a mini list of venues together based on vibes of the day. We’ve got Resort Feels, Intimate Feels, Adventure Feels, and Urban Feels. Resort Feels are the venues that you can see ski lifts, feel elegant or go to the spa. Intimate Feels are venues that feel a little cozier. Adventure Feels are the venues that add a little more of an experience to attend. And Urban Feels are venues in the midst of the cityscape. Each one of them is going to give a unique Colorado experience for your guests!