Eco Lake Snowy Engagement Session | Natalia & Matt

Oh, Colorado weather has me on my toes this month! With all of this crazy snowy weather, we had to change up the location and date of their engagement shoot because there was simply, tooooo much snow! We originally were set for the date of the weird snow bomb cyclone and then because of all the snow that week we changed up the location to one where we weren’t climbing 5 foot drifts the whole time. We did end up climbing a few to get some amazing shots here as well! I’m just so glad they could help me climb the last one, it was bigger than me!

I had so much fun exploring the forest with Natalia & Matt. It was a perfect sunset engagement session. Natalia & Matt are such an adorable adventurous outdoorsy couple. They love being outside together, biking, hiking, and backcountry skiing! He proposed while they were on a snow adventure at 11,902 feet, that just makes the start of their adventure even better! They are so in love and I’m just so happy they found each other! :-) I’m so excited to share a few of the photographs from our snowy hike at Eco Lake.