How do you get your wedding and elopement photographs?


After your big day has come and gone, I know the next thing on your mind will be “When can I see my wedding photos?” Looking back on all of the special moments that were captured is an incredible experience - you’ll see things you missed, like the detail of your decor, and get all the warm, fuzzy feelings of love and joy from that day.

I also know that the second you get notified that your photos are ready, you’re not going to be able to stop yourself from scrolling through over and over! At Ashleigh Miller Weddings, I want to make sure that the first time you see these images is an enjoyable experience together as husband and wife.


The first photos you’ll see will be just a few short days after your wedding or elopement! Be sure to keep an eye out for a sneak peek of your images on Instagram and Facebook. I do my best to post these as soon as possible! I know how excited you’ll be to see that first glimpse of your big day!

For the delivery of your entire wedding gallery, I really want to make this special for my brides. I don’t want you to be driving down the highway and see the email while driving 60 MPH! So instead, you get to pick a Date Night! When we have your one-month pre-wedding meeting, you can select a day that is at least two weeks after your wedding to receive your images. That day you’ll both get emails in your inboxes, so wait until you get home and order a pizza or grill something yummy, pop open that beer, and relax! Enjoy reliving that day together, share your memories, and make it another night to remember!