Amber & David’s Engagement Session

Colorado weather is always a gamble, especially this time of year, but for Amber and David’s engagement shoot, we certainly lucked out! We’d planned for a winter engagement shoot, but it turned out to be a beautiful, summery 65 degree day in Boulder. The happy couple flew in from Illinois for a long weekend that included finalizing wedding details and their engagement shoot. Amber made the most of this visit and was able to schedule her wedding day makeup trial for the same day as the engagement session. This is something I recommend to all my brides! Her gorgeous gown and David’s dapper outfit brought a little glamour to our outdoor adventure. We had a blast hiking around at the bottom of the Boulder Flatirons and I was able to capture some sweet moments of them being so snuggly and cute. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day!

Her gorgeous gown and David’s dapper outfit brought a little glamour to our outdoor adventure.

Learn a little about Amber & David:

How did you two meet?
We met at Illinois College through mutual friends, but we didn’t start dating until after college.

What’s the bride’s favorite thing about the groom?
The way he kisses me on the forehead

What’s the groom’s favorite thing about the bride?
Her silly humor that makes me laugh

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Hiking in the mountains and exploring new wineries/breweries

What’s the Bride’s top two love languages?
Gift Giving
Physical Touch

What’s the Groom’s top two love languages?
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch

Bride’s Drink of Choice
Rose or Coffee

Groom’s Drink of Choice:
Natural Light / Craft Beer

What’s the bride’s favorite color?

What’s the groom’s favorite color?

If y’all could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
ITALY! It’s so romantic!

If y’all could sit down and eat dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Robin Williams and Chris Farley.  We would never stop laughing!

If y’all both got to pick a superpower, what would y’all pick and why?
Amber: Flying-I’d love to be up in the clouds and get places super fast
David: Teleportation- I could ski in Colorado one day and golf in Florida the next