Emma & Grace Bridal Studio | Denver Wedding Vendor Spotlight


What is the name of your business and what do you do?

Emma & Grace Bridal Studio. We are a Denver bridal studio where women build up women. We have a highly sought after collection of bridal dresses and adornments we would love to share with you.

How did you get into the wedding industry?

Before Emma & Grace, I had been in retail for many years, from home decor to hand bags to cards and gifts. I kind of fell into bridal by accident when I was trying to get away from a terrible job. While working for a corporate bridal salon, I ended up falling in love with brides and wedding gowns. After that salon closed, I decided I wanted to open my own studio that allowed brides to dream and create. I found a wonderful business partner (who did alterations at the bridal salon) and we started Emma & Grace! I opened Emma & Grace because I believe you can run your business in a way that treats the customer well, is successful, and is a good place for all, versus running a business only to make money.

Tell me your favorite wedding story - either your own or a client’s!

How to choose! We hear so many wonderful proposal stories from our brides. Our favorite stories are always the ones that are truly unique to the couple. Whether that is on top of mountain or at home on an ordinary day, we love the stories that show how madly in love the couple is.

What's your best advice for couples before the wedding?

My best advice for brides that are searching for their gown is to be open to trying on gowns you don’t necessarily like on the hanger. Trust your stylist! They have seen all the gowns on different bodies and know which gowns are going to do exactly what you want. Plus, most of the time, the gowns that look worst on the hanger are actually the best gowns on!

What's your best advice for couples on their wedding day?

Don’t lose sight of who you are marrying and why you are getting married. The dress, decor, and all the details are such a small piece compared to the big picture of marriage.

What's the best way for a couple to contact you?

Through our website, email or a good old fashion phone call!