Get Epic Adventure Elopement Photos without Hiking All Day

So you have big dreams of having a romantic elopement in the mountains nestled away in a private spot with views that go on for miles. BUT you don't want to hike miles to get there because it's your wedding day and you really didn't want to have to work out on your wedding day, and that's totally understandable! You can get epic views and a private location without hiking in.


We have a few options to get to an epic location without hiking forever!

  1. Let’s pick a spot that we can actually drive to! I mean Colorado is filled with drivable passes, summits and scenic highways that not a lot of people are on during the week. That way we don't have to have a special vehicle and you don't have to hike far but we still get those epic views. We do have to do it at sunrise or in the middle of the week to make have better chances of it being private.

  2. Another way to get epic views but not hiking far is to take a chairlift or a gondola to the top of a resort. At the top, you can get some amazing views of the mountains but you don't have to hike uphill for miles to get to the top of the mountain.

  3. For more of an adventure then we can take alternate transportation! Like a 4x4 jeep vehicle on a dirt mountain pass! We can get to some amazing spots where you really won't see anyone for miles on a Jeep road. Or in the winter, the alternative is that we could take a snowmobile to the backcountry. If you're not into anything with motors, we can dog sled into the backcountry. It’s also super romantic and if you love dogs, like me, so much fun!

  4. For something really off the beaten path, we could take to the sky! Suiting up to get in a plane,  helicopter or hot air balloon will certainly have epic views from up there! I mean when I say the sky's the limit, the sky's the limit!


We can do anything we want that day and we can get some epic views without hiking!


Getting epic views doesn’t always mean getting the hardest workout of your life in Colorado. We can also get up for epic views by car, chairlift,  jeep or we can take it to the sky! Whatever you choose to do to get some amazing views, it's going to be the best thing ever because it's going to be an adventure when you say your vows. It’s the love you have for each other, that's all that matters!