How to clean your wedding ring.


Not only will you want a clean, sparkly ring for your Engagement and Wedding photography sessions, but regular cleaning is an important part of taking care of this special piece of jewelry. I highly recommend having your ring checked and cleaned by your jeweler semi-annually. They’ll take a look and make sure everything is in top notch condition - especially those pesky little prongs that like to come loose or even break off.

For regular, everyday in between cleaning though, here is a fail-safe way to clean any type of metallic ring and it’s super simple! Please don’t try this with a wooden ring though!

First, fill a small dish with warm, soapy water and place your ring in the dish for about 20-40 minutes. If you have other people in the house, be sure to put a sticky note or label on this so no one accidentally tosses your ring in the sink or dishwasher. After your ring has had a nice little soak, give it a gentle scrub with the softest toothbrush you can find. After you put the drain cover in your sink or close the drain stopper, rinse your ring very well under warm water to get all the soap off. No one wants their engagement ring falling down the drain or building up a soapy residue!

Now your ring is all set to sparkle and shine in all those beautiful engagement and wedding photographs!