Petal & Bean Floral & Event Design | Breckenridge Vendor Spotlight

This girl came straight from a round of golf!

This girl came straight from a round of golf!

What's your name?

Kayle Burns


What is the name of your business and what do you do?

Petal & Bean Floral & Event Design. We provide floral, wedding planning, event design, and small event rentals.


What is your favorite beer?

Ciders & Sours! I’m not much of a beer drinker, I mainly drink cocktails and wine. But when I do have a beer, I love ciders and some sours.


What is your favorite outdoor adventure?

How do I choose one? I love hiking, golf, softball, and skiing/snowboarding. If I had to choose, I’d choose GOLF!


How did you get into the wedding industry?  

I stumbled into the wedding industry in 2014. I say stumbled, because I have a marketing/advertising degree and was a realtor at the time. I started working for P&B as a planner / florist and I purchased the business from the long time owners in October 2014.


Who is your ideal client?

I work with couples with all different budgets & styles. My ideal client would be someone who gives us creative freedom to allow us to put our special touch/style into their floral arrangements! Floristry is such an art and we never copy someone else’s work.


Tell me your favorite wedding story - either your own or a client’s!

I guess I have to say mine, right?!? It was so special for my husband, Preston, and I to have all our favorite people in one place celebrating our love.  I would love to host the party again, but hope to never plan my own wedding again -- I’ll stick to planning others!


What is the process for a couple working with you?

STEP ONE: You’ve found us, yay! Now we will setup a consultation via email/phone/skype or in person. During this consultation, we will create a custom proposal for you and your event.

+ Sending photos or your Pinterest page is a great way to share your inspiration

+ Familiarizing yourself with flowers you like prior to our conversation is also helpful

STEP TWO: You love us, we love you, and you’re ready to book! We will take a deposit to reserve your date and guarantee our services.

+ Deposits range from $300-$1,000 depending on proposal amount

+ Mail us a check, or conveniently pay online

STEP THREE: Sit back and relax! Four weeks prior to your wedding we will finalize everything on the proposal and tie up any loose ends. This is the last time to make any and all changes so we can put in the order for your event. Final payment is also due at that time.

STEP FOUR: We’d love to hear your feedback and see photos from the event! You will receive an email from us a month or so after the event following-up on your big day!


What's your most frequently asked question from wedding clients?  

Hard to narrow it now! Most couples don’t know much about flowers so there are a lot of questions. A question I get often is, “What flowers are in season during my wedding?” The answer - thousands! I like to get color scheme and style (modern, wildflowers, etc.) and that helps me to select the flowers we use for their special day.


Who or What inspires you?

I love working with my hands and anything creative. Artist across all sorts of mediums inspire me! Painters, cake bakers/artist, planners, sculptures, and especially florists. Florists are a great network of creatives. I am part of several forums where it’s an open space to ask questions and learn from each other. I love this industry and the people behind it. I have so much respect for other florist and I love to see the new trends and styles.


What's your best advice for couples before the wedding?  

1) Hire a great team of professionals! 

2) Don’t feel pressure to do certain things because you think you HAVE TO. Every wedding should be unique to the client and budget plays a huge factor. Choose things based on what you want and not what you feel you have to do.


What's your best advice for couples on their wedding day?

You’ve hired the best professionals and now it’s your job to show up and get married! Relax! Enjoy your new spouse and your friends and family. It won’t be 100% perfect, but remember why you are doing this -- for you and your spouse. Also, one day doesn’t define your happily ever after!


What's your best advice for couples after the wedding?

Take some time with your new spouse. Whether it’s a honeymoon or a staycation, enjoy being married! Some couples get the post-wedding blues after spending a year or more planning one day. Remember how happy and fun the day was and don’t over analyze every detail.


I believe it's more about the marriage than the wedding. So what's your best relationship advice?

Communication is so important! You married your person, your best friend. Keep the communication open, always. And it’s cliche, but never go to bed mad at each other.


What's the best way for a couple to contact you?


Email! We are often in the workshop creating beautiful flowers so it’s difficult chatting on the phone without a scheduled appointment. I rarely give out my personal cell phone either and try to enjoy my days off when I have them.