Anna Bé and a&bé Bridal Shops | Denver Wedding Vendor Spotlight


What's your name?

Kaitlin Nonko


What is the name of your business and what do you do?

I am the Denver-area manager for both Anna Bé and a&bé bridal shops, so my days are filled with helping brides find their dream dresses!


What is your favorite beer?

Typically whatever is in my hand! But I tend to gravitate towards saisons, especially during the summer.


What is your favorite outdoor adventure?

Living in Colorado, there is no shortage of choices. I love to get outdoors and hike every chance I get. I don't always have time for long weekend getaways in the mountains, but I love to sneak up to Boulder whenever I get a chance. Chautauqua Park is my happy place.


How did you get into the wedding industry?

Completely by chance. My background is in HR, so I've always known that I love working with people. When an opportunity came along to help open a&bé Denver five years ago, I jumped at the chance! I had no idea that I would fall in love with the bridal industry the way I have. I love working with incredibly talented designers who are such bad-ass business women to bring the most amazing dresses to our brides.  But the absolute best part of my job is helping brides feel like the most beautiful and confident version of themselves. It's such an intimate moment and I am so honored to be a part of such a special time in each bride's life.


Who is your ideal client?

My ideal bride is someone who has a strong sense of their personal style but also has an open mind when it comes to their wedding dress. I love getting to know my brides and learning what aspects of their personality they want to come through in the dress. Oftentimes, if a bride comes in with a very specific idea of what they want, they can miss out on something unexpected and spectacular. Ladies, trust your bridal stylist. It's our job to make you look good!


What is the process for a couple working with you?

For a bride who is ready to find her wedding dress, she'll need to make an appointment on our website, or by giving us a call. The appointment will last 90 minutes, and I always recommend that she bring a small group of her closest friends and family members who are important to the decision making process. Too many people can create chaos and confusion, but if a bride tries to 'pre-shop' alone before her mom, sisters, or besties can be a part of the experience, she might just fall in love with a dress unexpectedly and then the most special people in her life end up missing that moment! Also, special order wedding dresses can take 4-6 months to produce, and another 2-3 months to alter, so allow yourself plenty of time before your wedding to avoid unneeded stress and rush fees.


Who or What inspires you?

My brides inspire me. I love hearing their love stories and getting a glimpse into their lives. I've met so many incredibly strong, courageous, and smart women over the past 5 years. The moment when a bride says yes to the dress, they are going to marry their best friend and that never gets old.  It reminds me why I do what I do, and I am constantly inspired and humbled by their amazing stories.


What's your best advice for couples before the wedding?

Enjoy this period of the process. Being engaged is such a special part of your love story, so don't let the stress of planning a wedding cause you to miss out on all of the love, support, and celebration that you'll be receiving from friends and family. This support system will carry you through long past your big day, so soak it all in!


What's the best way for a couple to contact you?

All of our contact information is available on our websites: and I recommend checking out both websites and seeing which one your personal style connects with. We can't wait to meet you and help you find your dream dress!