Three Best Beauty Tips for Brides


Every bride wants


make sure she’s got

that newlywed glow on her wedding day.

Every bride wants to make sure she’s got that newlywed glow on her wedding day. While I usually don’t wear any makeup, unless you count a little mascara and a dab of lipgloss, I do have a few easy beauty tips that I share with my clients to make sure they are looking picture perfect on their big day!


One: Drinking plenty of water is super important for great looking skin! This keeps you from being dehydrated and gives you a natural glow, while also making sure your makeup can be applied flawlessly. No one likes dry skin!


Two: Be sure to use lather up with lots of lotion! Dry, ashy skin shows up on photographs and isn’t the best look. Keeping your skin soft and moisturized in the days leading up to the wedding, as well as right before we start our photo shoot, will ensure that your skin is looking great all over!


Three: Most importantly, get plenty of sleep!! Your body does it’s best self care while you’re sleeping, so be sure to get in your shut eye and let nature do its thing to give you fresh, healthy looking skin. Not getting enough sleep will also leave you feeling exhausted, which isn’t the best for your wedding day. You’ll want to make the most of this special day, so get that beauty rest!


While my beauty tips will make sure your skin is healthy and happy, for the best photographs, I highly recommend hiring a professional hair and makeup stylist for your wedding day. You’ll feel more confident and less stressed knowing that you are in the hands of a pro!