How to Elope in a National Park


An elopement is the perfect opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind wedding, especially when you choose a location like a National Park. These venues allow the two of you to spend a day soaking in the beauty of one of America’s natural masterpieces while celebrating the love you share. Whether we hike up to a gorgeous overlook, or take a road, if this sounds dreamy to you, let’s do it!


The first step is picking your National Park - there are 58 across the United States with a variety of features, from the Giant Sequoias of Yosemite to the coral reefs in Biscayne Bay. Find one here to be the starting point of your biggest adventure yet!


Next, you’ll need to pick a date and book a photographer - of course, I’m hoping you’ll choose me! I’ll make sure to get the appropriate photography permit for the National Park of your choice, in addition to the ceremony permit you’ll need to obtain, whether it’s just the two of you for a self-solemnization ceremony, or you bring your adventure crew with you.


Just like any wedding ceremony, you’ll want to plan out your attire, flowers, any special items, and schedule for the day. We’ll work together to map out some great spots for photographs throughout the day, both at the ceremony location and around the park. And of course, don’t forget to book a wonderful dinner and special dessert to toast this next step of your journey together!


After your elopement, you’ll have incredible photographs to send as your marriage announcement, or as an invitation to a reception party. This is a special moment in your lives and your friends and family will want to share in your celebration - even if it’s from afar.

If an elopement in a National Park sounds like the wedding of your dreams, then go for it!


For many who are striving to live in a way that is connected to nature, this is a great way to celebrate your love and connection to one another in a meaningful way. If an elopement in a National Park sounds like the wedding of your dreams, then go for it! It’s your day to marry the love of your life and I’d love to capture these special moments.