What type of wedding should you have?


As a Wedding Photographer, I’ve seen all types of weddings. From laid back outdoor weddings to traditional weddings in big churches to mountaintop elopements, every wedding is unique, but full of love. Each of us are unique individuals and all couples have their own tastes, so it’s important to choose whatever feels like the best way for you and your fiancé to celebrate this big day!


In my book, there are four main types of wedding:

  1. Traditional: Anything over 30 guests

  2. Intimate: Under 30 people guest list

  3. Elopement: Just you two, an officiant (maybe) and photographer (ME!)

  4. Destination: A intimate wedding, or close to it, in a far off location


If you and your hubby-to-be are always hosting parties on the weekends, attend every family reunion, and love to be surrounded by family and friends at all times, a traditional wedding is for you! To honor this life milestone, you’ll want to have all of your friends and family partake in celebrating this new chapter in your life. While you might have a smaller crowd of 75 or a venue-stretching guest list of 200, for the couple that selects this option it’s important to share this celebration with the whole crew!

If you and your hubby-to-be are a bit more introverted and don’t really love large parties or crowded bars, more than likely an intimate wedding is a kind of wedding for you. You don’t want to stress about dealing with a ton of people, but you can’t imagine your very close family and friends not being with you on your wedding day. Intimate weddings are incredibly special and give you a chance to really connect with all your guests as you celebrate your wedding day.

If you and your hubby-to-be like to do things a little out-of-the-box, don’t want to take on the side hustle of wedding planning, or have a busy family spread out around the globe, an elopement is the perfect option! An elopement is a special celebration of your love and commitment to one another. Whether you have an officiant or bring your two best friends as witnesses, an elopement allows you to honor this special day with a celebration that is just perfect for you love birds!

If you and your hubby-to-be are in need of a crazy adventure with family and friends, a destination wedding is exactly what y’all need! My passport is ready and waiting, so let’s head off to your special spot with your nearest and dearest and celebrate as you tie the knot! For destination weddings, my packages include an extra photo shoot of the two of you adventuring around your tropical (or arctic!) locale.

Whichever wedding type you choose, remember it’s YOUR day! Follow your gut and plan the wedding of YOUR dreams! Have exactly the kind of wedding that is a celebration of the two of you.