Katie & Ryan’s Engagement Session


Katie and Ryan’s engagement session took us down memory lane to the spot they first met – as neighbors in a duplex while they were studying at CU. After popping some champagne to commemorate this special location, we headed to Chautauqua Park to enjoy the beautiful fall colors! Katie and Ryan’s engagement story is one for the books – she accidentally discovered the ring in his car before they left on a trip to Iceland. In some quick thinking, Ryan told her he was waiting until they got back from the trip because he didn’t want to travel around the world carrying the ring in his pocket. However, Ryan actually did have the ring with him in Iceland and planned to propose next to an iconic waterfall – but someone else near them got down on one knee before Ryan had the chance. Ryan was finally able to propose when they hiked to a gorgeous glacier and Katie could not have been more surprised and thrilled! This adventurous, outdoorsy couple loves traveling, hiking, camping, and skiing – especially when they’re doing it together! I can’t wait to capture the next step of their love story as they tie the knot at Arapahoe Basin in August.

Get to know Katie & Ryan!

How did you two meet? We met sophomore year at CU Boulder we were neighbors

What’s the bride’s favorite thing about the groom? his selflessness

What’s the groom’s favorite thing about the bride? Zeal

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Be outside – hiking, camping, mountain biking, traveling.

What’s the Bride’s top two love languages? Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch

What’s the Groom’s top two love languages? Gift Giving and Acts of Service

Bride’s Drink of Choice: Tequila soda

Groom’s Drink of Choice: Whiskey on the rocks

What’s the bride’s favorite color? Yellow

What’s the groom’s favorite color? Blue

If y’all could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Chamonix France to ski.

If y’all could sit down and eat dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? John Muir to talk to him about the Earth and his discoveries

If y’all both got to pick a superpower, what would y’all pick and why? Both would pick to fly so we could get anywhere quickly.